PhotoVoice is a process in which participants are taught to use cameras and are then asked to share aspects of their life or circumstances by taking photographs. The aim is to provide opportunities for positive and ongoing social change and increased awareness of social issues in the wider community. PhotoVoice Australia has now successfully completed six photovoice projects.

Why Photography?

Photography is an ideal medium because of its relatively low cost, accessibility to people of all cultures, languages and ages and because of the power of images to tell a story and to bring about change. Our Photovoice projects are designed to give participants the skills to document their own lives and to choose what they will represent to the world through various forms of media and exhibitions. Our projects are conducted in collaboration with an organisation that has an ongoing relationship with the Photovoice participants.

Our Ethical Practice

 PhotoVoice Australia has developed practice guidelines which cover copyright of the photos taken by participants and the ways we work with people who are vulnerable.  One of our main aims is to ensure that the groups we work with develop skills to continue to promote the issues that are important to them.

About Ann Alcock

As well as facilitating photovoice workshops, Ann writes and photographs for newspapers and magazines and has also completed a number of documentary photography projects.  Ann has also researched and written historical works and has qualifications in arts, social science and photography.